Chatmay’s First Draenor Transmog


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I have been playing for almost a month.  I waited until I was 100 on Chatmay, my “alt” now, to work on a transmog.  Here is what I came up with!

I came up with this black transmog quickly based on her current robe, which is the crafted, Sumptous Robes of the Deft.  I loved it, so I wanted some dark pieces to go with it.

I found the shoulders to match first.  They are black and feathery and remind me of The Dark Crystal or an arakkoa even!  So I threw on these: Valorous Deathbringer Shoulderpads.

Also, I added two other token pieces: Conqueror’s Deathbringer Hood and the gloves, Conqueror’s Deathbringer Gloves.  The helm token is from Ulduar, and the gloves are from VOA.  If you can’t get the gloves, any big, showy, and black gloves will do the trick!

Chatmay is also wearing a green waist, Voidwrap Cord.  The boots are just black ones I had on, Felcast Sandals Of The Aurora.  Any black shoes/boots would work that covers the toes at least.

The finishing touch is a wand I have had for a long time, Bonecreeper Stylus.  Kind of makes Chatmay look like Lady Death.

There you have it!  I will show Meridiane’s transmog coming soon!

Woah What? Back to WOW!


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Today I turn 40.

I have already received some great gifts including a rebuilt/fixed computer, and tonight I am getting a party.

But my husband started getting all weird and sneaky last night.  He booted me from the TV room and asked me not to look in here.  During that time, he was downloading the Draenor expansion.

When I came back in here after midnight, this is what I found as my desktop image:

And the present is... Chatmay!

And the present is… Chatmay!

As many of you know, I haven’t played WOW in over a year for various reasons, but it is great to be back… home!

WOW Cosplay at DragonCon 2014


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I didn’t get to go to a lot of WOW events because of my volunteer schedule at DragonCon this year, but I did keep up with some of the people doing WOW cosplay.

This picture was made before the DragonCon parade on Saturday.  Notice Blizzard game designer Jonathan LeCraft wearing the tabard, which had alliance on the front and horde on the back.

Before Parade Start

Here is a shot of the parade featuring a Forsaken Deathbringer tier set 8 (with Illidan close behind):

Tier Set with cool staff

There was also a WOW Costume contest.  The top winners were a paladin/hunter pair, who gave this description of their cosplay:

“The gear Justin is wearing is based on his Hunter’s transmog set Ruthless Gladiator’s Pursuit, Arena Season 10. The gear Sarah is wearing is based on her Paladin’s transmog set Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Redemption, Arena Season 11. More often than not, you can fine these two in a rated battleground or an arena.”


These are some of my other faves:

High Inquisitor Whitemane

female Garrosh Hellscream with flower in hair

None of these pictures were made by me.  Thanks to the “Dragon Con- Gaming Photos” facebook group for the costume contest pics and the “Dragon Con WOW Parade Group” facebook group for helping me with this post!

A Fun WOW Moment Reveals….


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The good news is- yes, I still play WOW.  I was gone a week to start playing ESO,- a week mind you!- and I guess some people got worried.

The bad news is- you can’t duel naked in WOW any more.


I had scheduled a naked dueling contest for my guild last night.  (Well, level 1 clothes for some that didn’t have enough bag space to get naked).  It used to be in WOW that if you took off your gear to be naked, your health would go down accordingly.  Now that is not the case, but I had not thought about this when planning the event.

Mistaken Circumstances

When I started dueling the first guildie participating, I realized that neither one of us were damaging each other.  I pulled up the “what happened to me” log, and it was showing that I was only doing 14 damage to her a hit.  So obviously, this was not going to work.  We decided to duel each other wearing our PVE gear since neither one of us really has a PVP set yet, and neither one of us has a high item level.

I beat this druid, a mage, and a priest.  I won all three.  Then I realized that the priest was not wearing the same level gear as us, so we rematched.  He won.  The prize was Lil Bad Wolf pet from Naxxramas.

I also learned during this event… never duel anyone outside the guild for fun with 90 points higher item level.  That could be bad.

Introducing… A Sister Debutante Site


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I am now playing two MMOs… WOW and Elder Scrolls Online.

I have been made Event Coordinator of a large ESO guild called ShoddyCaste.  You can read all about the events I am doing for them and my ingame adventures at:

There is a link at the top of this site to go there as well.

Hope you will check it out!

Adventures Away!

The Liebster Blog Award


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It’s happened!  The WOW Debutante has been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by another blogger online!

I have read about the Liebster awards before.  It’s an online meme that has been going on for a while between bloggers, and I had noticed some other blogs getting it.  I have been nominated by AmerPriest Blog, who has a great site you should check out.  Well, actually a second site as well- Amerence Low WOW – which has lots of WOW blogging ideas on it.  Thanks!!!

So here are the questions I was given:

  1. When did you start blogging , What it’s all about and why?

    I started blogging several years ago for fun.  My first blog was a cooking blog, and I found that it was getting lost in the pile of other cooking blogs.  So I thought – what am I good at that no one else is writing about, and hosting WOW guild events seemed to be it.

  2. Post your favorite Screenshot of all time!

    I don’t know about “all time”- that would be really hard to pick!  But here is a great one my hubby made:

  3. Favorite city in WoW you hang out to and why?

    I have always loved Stormwind City.  I like the grid layout, and it was the first city I ever went to in WOW.

  4. Do you play other games besides WoW? Any console you using besides your PC?

    I just started playing Elder Scrolls Online a few days ago.  I also love Dance Central on Xbox360.

  5. What’s your favorite TraNsmog gear?

    See my post before this one- Chatmay’s Best Transmog Ever.  It’s purple.

  6. How many WoW characters in game do you have? Do you equally play them a lot?

    My toon number has dwindled because my husband quit playing.  We cancelled two of our accounts… and I am pretty busy these days.  So I really only have about five toons I am jumping on lately.  Two mains including Chatmay.  I really call Meridiane my main now because she is top PVP gear.

  7. What’s your current achievement score? Whats the most favorite one and why?

    I have no idea.  I used to call myself Mrs. Anti-Achievement.  I only got them by chance.  Then I inherited my husband’s huge amount of points.  It hasn’t gone up much since he quit.

  8. What was the most memorable experience since you started playing WoW?

    My vanilla days are still my favorite.  I managed a raid alliance of four guilds to raid end-game content in addition to being a guild-leader.  It was a lot of work, but it was fun.

  9. How many total deaths of critters do you currently have? What are your thoughts about these creatures since they can battle now with your own Pet collections too.

    I didn’t even know you could look at this.  I don’t do pet battles either… (these are achievements!)

  10. First word comes in mind when you think about WoW and why?

    Fun.  Social.  Hobby.  OK that’s three.  I have to remember always that it’s a hobby and not take people too seriously.  Also, real-life always comes first.

  11. Warlords of Draenor is coming up soon, its the new expansion everyone is talking about, What are your expectations and why?

    I’m not sure what to expect, although I am hoping they will come out with a transmog bag to put all my extra gear in!

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am from a small town in Mississippi
2. I took piano lessons for 13 years.
3. I love to karaoke.
4. I’m a foodie.
5. I have expensive taste but can’t afford anything expensive.
6. I use radio, spotify, Pandora, and youtube to listen to music.  Which one I choose depends on where I am.
7. I love making game videos, although I am still new to it.  I use FRAPS and Sony Vegas.
8. I made astrology profile scrapbooks for both of my sons after they were born.
9. My favorite color is red.
10. I am older than most people think that hear me online.
11. I am going to cosplay for the first time this year.


11 5 Blogs I am Nominating!!!

This is difficult for me since I don’t read tons of blogs on a regular basis except Kamalia and a few others I subscribe to.  I usually just look at this or that as far as WOW blogs, although I have used these listed except one.  Sunnier’s Art of War I just came across today, and I thought it was a good site for monk info (and transmogs).

1. Drunkard’s Regalia @DrunkardRegalia
2. Kamalia et alia
3. Pugnacious Priest @Pugnacious_P
4. Harpy’s Nest
5. Sunnier’s Art of War @SunnierBrew

11 Questions for My Nominees

1. How long have you been blogging?  Why did you decide to start a WOW blog?
2. What has been the highlight of your blogging career?
3. What games do you play besides WOW?
4. What hobby do you spend the most time on besides gaming?
5. What kinds of foods do you like and when do you snack the most?
6. What period of time/expansion have you enjoyed the most in WOW and why?
7.  What is your favorite profession in WOW?  What is the rarest pattern you have made in a profession?
8.  How often do you twitter about WOW?  In one day?
9.  Do you attend any conventions for comics, anime, WOW, gaming, etc.?
10. Tell about a close friend you have had in WOW and whether you are still in touch.
11. Random WOW fact or adventure you have been on.

Chatmay’s Best Transmog Ever


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I have decided that this has to be the best transmog I have ever done… tons of purple here, a warlock’s favorite color, plus it perfectly goes with my new guild tabard.

Chatmay’s Close-up

I decided to make this outfit and base it around my new shoulders, which I totally love.  I got them in LFR.  The tabard is from my new guild, <Dark Phoenix>.

Here are the items I used:

Darkmist Wizard Hat
Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong
Conqueror’s Deathbringer’s Robe
Gloves of the Thousandfold Hells
Frostwoven Belt
Sandals of the Shadow
Cape of the Black Baron (not shown in pics)
Namlak’s Supernumerary Sticker
Orb of the First Satyrs


with weapon and OH

The dagger is the only item I am iffy about… and only because of it’s glow color.  Besides the level 90 gear, everything is pieces I have saved or collected over the past few years except the crafted belt, which I bought on the auction house.

WOW Celebrity-Look Cloth Gear


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I was wondering today about the people that design gear for WOW.  What are they thinking sometimes when they come up with these outfits?

So I googled celebrity fashion of course.  Here are some celebrities who inspired (or were inspired by, not sure) WOW cloth looks:

Nicole Kidman at People’s Choice Awards wore a backless gold top, which resembles Calico Tunic-, a top Chatmay wore in my “Get This Party Started” WOW music video:

Nicole’s backless top

Cutout Crazy- Front

Chatmay’s backless top

Kate Hudson is wearing a white dress that kind of resembles the Elegant Robes, one of my favorite robes in-game.

Kate’s summer dress

Chat’s favorite robe

Hudson’s dress is also similar in color and style to Mooncloth Robe, which I wore with a white shirt for a guild winter party.


Mooncloth Robe with white shirt

 In this photo of Taylor Swift, she is wearing an extremely low-cut gown.  You can get this cloth look in-game with several robes, although I found two of mine seemed lower-cut than the others.

Low Cut Resolution 

Chatmay wore one of these lower-cut robes when she dressed up as Elvira for yet another WOW Halloween contest using Thistlefur Robe.  I can’t find that screenshot, but here is a more recent shot of that chestpiece:

Low-cut with scary helm

Another low-cut option is Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment, a pretty awesome robe from level 85 PVP.  With another scary helm….

Jagged edge

Finally, I’m not sure who this celebrity is, but she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that to me looks like Astralaan Robe, which my mage and my paladin (as RP gear) have both worn.

Off-the Shoulder WOW

Paladin in Cloth 

Do you think these are good knock-offs?  What did I miss?

Stay tuned for more upcoming celebrity-WOW fashion posts!

#WOWScreenshotaday (s) to finish up last month


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Finishing this screenshot project has been on my list to do all week or before even, so here you go!  I am also including a special surprise at the bottom for Toonacious blog writer, Tycertank.

FEBRUARY 26 theme- “Light”

While running Trial of the Crusader for transmog gear with DungeonBabes on Terokkar, I saw the light… when the floor broke apart from underneath us:

Oh noes!

FEBRUARY 27 theme- “My View Today”

This is myself and two other PVPers defending a flag at WW (as pirate skeletons from the Timeless Isle item).

PVP Skellys!

FEBRUARY 28 theme- “Reflection”

My shaman, Magdakine, looked at her reflection, only to hear: “Dranei, do not try anything funny.  We are watching you.”… Wow.

Big brother here.

Thanks for February posts, Tycertank!  I made this for you:

Wordle for blog challenge

#WOWScreenshotaday (s) for February 17th-February 25th


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Today I am looking at all the themes from the Toonacious blog challenge since February 17th.  This is a lot of screenshots to post.

So I am kind of breaking the rules….

I am taking two themes, –

FEBRUARY 24 theme- “Half”
FEBRUARY 25 theme- “Cut”

and I am “cutting half” of the ones from the 17th to the 25th, picking my faves to use only for this post.  Here you go!

FEBRUARY 18 theme- “Magic”

I can’t figure out the magic ball anyways.  Where does it come from, what does it do, why a gorilla inside?

Magic 8 Ball

FEBRUARY 19 theme- “Feet”

Steady Feet on the Kite

FEBRUARY 20 theme- “Peace”

Fireflies in Pandaria

FEBRUARY 21 theme- “Funny”

Yeah, yeah

FEBRUARY 22 theme- “An Act of Kindness”

Healer sacrifices herself for the group.

Shadowfang Keep


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