#WOWScreenshotaday (s) for February 5th and 6th


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I hate getting behind with the Toonacious blog challenge, so today I combined the theme for yesterday- “Square”- with the theme for today- “C is for….”

OK “C” is for cookie.  Always has been, always will be.

So here is Chatmay summoning a soulwell for healthstones (cookies)…..

ooh flashy

The bottom of which is square…..

Green Cookies Here

The outfit, btw, is:

Peacebreaker’s Silk Cowl
Mantle of the Faceless Shroud
Silk Robe of Eminent Domain
Vicious Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards
Firewool Cord….

#WOWScreenshotaday x2 for February 4th


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Today’s theme from the Toonacious blog challenge is- “Childhood.”

This was a bit challenging, so I just came up with an idea consisting of two screenshots.

Do you remember the fall festivals and pumpkin patches from younger days?  Well, here is my priest, Meridiane, running through Stormwind with her Alliance Balloon to get to the pumpkin patch.

In a Hurry To Veg

Chilling With The Pumpkins

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 3rd


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Today’s screenshot post was inspired by the Toonacious blog challenge, check it out.

The theme for today is- “Something Orange.”  What?

I figured Orange Martial Shirt would already be taken, so I went to the zone of orange instead- Hellfire Peninsula.  This is my shot of a deranged boar beast:

Honey Boar

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 2nd


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I started the Toonacious blog challenge called #WOWScreenshotaday late, so here is my second post.  As you can see, I’m a day behind.

The theme for February 2nd was- “Favorite.”

My favorite zones in WOW are the night-elf starting zone, Teldrassil, as well as Ashenvale (pre-cataclysm xpac preferably).

Here are two shots I made for this post of spots in Teldrassil:


Oracle Glade


#WOWScreenshotaday for February 1st


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This blog challenge comes from Toonacious blog.  For February, I will be posting 28 days of screenshots here based on the daily themes.

February 1st is— “You”.

So I am posting a picture I made today of Chatmay… because even though she is an avatar, still me technically.

Chat is wearing the Nemesis Skullcover.  This is the first time I have ever transmogged it.

Chatmay in Nemesis

Today’s Transmog Dilemma


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Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide on a transmog outfit?  The outfit that starts taking over an hour to make?

I started this with a simple idea- a warlock in white and gold.  Kind of- “I’m holier than thou” look? heh :D

Turns out, there aren’t tons of white options for warlocks.  This started taking a while and costing a little money (I need to go back to using WOW Model Viewer!?).  Which wasn’t a big deal to me; it was more a bag space problem as usual.

The outfit was based on three pieces at first – Aurora Armor, the Theramore Tabard, and Vicious Embersilk Pants.  I also had on Sandals Of The Shadow at the time, which I decided to use to give some contrast and also because they have some white in them.

The first dilemma came with the helm.

I thought the white helm- Cowl of Destiny– looked kind of neat… plus I have never used it in a transmog since it hardly matches anything.  However, my son wanted me to use the gold helm- Gaze of the Unknown.

Touch of Blue

I was ok with the gold helm until I noticed that the back is blue (and there are feathers? around the bottom, no idea).  That doesn’t go with what I was wanting, but I modified the outfit to make my son happy by adding some blue items off the AH.  The gloves- Wind-Kissed Handwraps– and a staff with blue- Splintering Greatstaff.

Back of the Gaze helm

<Just for note here, I used Nemesis Bracers because they are very small and don’t add distraction to the gloves.>

I ended up later back with the white helm, and then I couldn’t decide on a staff without blue.  So I bought an old favorite, The Bringer Of Death.  I liked it because it added a warlock look, but it was a bit too much white at this point for me.

Death By Chatmay

The second staff I tried was Spire of Sunset.  Although it matched the color scheme, I thought it was kind of gawdy for the overall look.

Set in Theramore

I also tossed back and forth different shoulders and belts.  I ended up with Ruby-Linked Girdle to go with the boots and Pandaria xpac, but I did consider the white belt, Firewool Cord of the Wildfire.

For shoulders, I started with Elegant Mantle.  I decided it was too grayish, so I went with Vicious Embersilk Shoulders instead.

What do you guys think?  Which pieces should I use with what?  Feedback needed! :D

I Want To Be A Dwarf Snow White


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Did anyone else see this article on the Geeks are Sexy website?

Disney Princesses as World of Warcraft Characters

The last picture is of Snow White as a dwarf (by LiberLibelula on DeviantArt):

Rosy Cheeked And Proud

I love this picture, but it makes me go WAHHH!

I am going to Dragoncon this year, and I would LOVE to dress up like this picture.  I at one time had a viking costume I put together (see below) for Halloween that was sort of dwarfish looking, but my husband talked me into getting rid of my costumes a few years ago.

That’s Me.

Now I have decided I want to cosplay at 38 years old, and I no longer have my viking helmet and armor.  OK at least the helmet…. oh goodness. :(  Sad face.

I could buy this Snow White apron on Etsy (by seller, CucinaBambina) and a bun wig and just make a humongous axe to take with it:

Snow White Does The Kitchen Right


(PS: check out Etsy for all kinds of aprons for different heroines and villains… I love me some Etsy!)

Easy Transmogging


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You don’t like transmogging?  Getting grief in LFR for your ugly gear?

It’s really not that hard.

I brought Chatmay back to WOW (ie played again) this week.  This is the ugly mess I got when I bought some PVP crafted gear so I could do regular battlegrounds:


This mess included four pieces of 476 PVP gear, three of which were the Crafted set.  The other JP piece I already had from before and had been transmogged to Aurora Armor, thus the white top.  The shoulders and shoes are the Contender’s set.

So what did I do?  I simply replaced the chest, helm, and weapon transmogs.  I changed to this immediately:


Robes of Fate
Staff of Justified Sins
Crown of Enfeebled Bodies

It’s definitely not the best set I have ever made – I am especially thinking the gloves need changed-, but this took about ten minutes or less of time.  And it looks a lot better than the first set.

Hope this helps!

PVP Video And Outfit for Intro


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For all my previous WOW videos, I had Chatmay star as The WOW Debutante toon in the introduction.  Chatmay is not my main now though.

So today, I made a new introduction starring Meridiane, my priest.  And I finished my first PVP video!  Here is the video link:

Here is the purple outfit I put together for the intro… I was going for a feminine look:

Purple Princess Meridiane

Dragonkin Cowl of Arcane Resistance ~ NLA
Jan’alai’s Spaulders
Vestments of the Sleepless
Gloves of Ambivalence
Circle of Ossus
Amaranthine Sandals….

PLEASE leave comments! I want to hear what everyone thinks about my video.  I was trying to poke fun at all the naysayers.

Having Become a PVP-Head….


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Having played since vanilla, I was always into PVE first.  Raids, raids, and more raids.  I was often raid assist or formed the raids, and I even raid led in Cata.

But here it is…the end of 2013, and I have become a PVP junkie.

Rated BG in Gulch

I have always PVPd on the side.  A lot at first because I was on a RPPVP server, but even after I went to PVE servers I still was in the BGs and sometimes arenas.

Now though, I have my Oqueue every time I am on, my PVP addons, and my PVP friends on the real ID.  Not many PVP on my server, but I can always find the few and true to go into BGs with if nothing else.

I am a bit behind right now having only two pieces of grievous.  I had taken a break from rateds and lost my arena partners, so I have mainly been hanging out doing whatever I can.  But even in tyrannical gear, I am topping regular BGs in heals consistently.  Check out how much I overhealed everyone in this Alterac Valley- 10,250,219! (plus my DPS was 1,485,608)….

Also, I got the End of the Line achievement recently by single-handedly taking a mine cart in Silvershard Mines away from a SHADOW priest right before she was going to cap it.  I literally went HA out loud.  (then kicked myself for not getting it on FRAPS or screenshot)  I am also known to take on DKs, hunters, and boomkins by myself if completely bored in a battleground.

To announce my PVP-love to the world, I have now even transmogged my PVE gear (still low on the charts) to old PVP gear.  Since I was honor capped, I converted my honor to justice points and bought Lich King level PVP gear.  Here is what I came up with:


This outfit is basically level 80 PVP gear I got in Dalaran with a few other pieces:

Relentless Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe
Relentless Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm
I THINK I used the Relentless gloves and belt
Rime-Rift Shoulders
Waterfall Sandals
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Energy Staff

I have now started working on my first PVP video, and I hope to post it soon!


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