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This week I stopped by one of my old servers, Moon Guard, and I saw some players walking around RPing in PVP gear.

You Looking at Me?

For example, this player, who logged off before I could talk to him, actually inspired this article… he is wearing all Field Marshal gear from level 60 along with Ursol’s Claw staff.

So I went on the hunt for players who use PVP gear in their RP outfit, a very good choice considering the cool sets you can choose from… but also because it shows your toon’s history or bragging rights.

The first player I am featuring is Redrik of Doomhammer.

Relaxing While Being Deadly

He is wearing several pieces of Wrathful Gladiator set along with Titan-Forged Spaulders of Triumph.  He wears this outfit just walking around town on a PVE server.

On Moon Guard, I also found Darissena.

Looking Deadly in Stormwind

She combined a newer Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Kodohide Robes with Ebony Flame Gloves from Blackwing Lair,  Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Spaulders, and Vishas’ Hood from Scarlet Monastery.  She feels that using PVP gear gives her a battle-hardened look fit for her RP story.

I still had some PVP pieces in my bank as well.  So I tried making two outfits with them.

Chatmay in a Dark Brooding Moment

First, I made a dark fighter kind of look like others I have seen.  I used Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment with Crown of Enfeebled Bodies, Merciless Gladiator’s Dreadweave Mantle, Corla’s Baton (wand), and Gladiator’s Dreadweave Gloves.

Shades of Grey (and purple)

But then I made an around-town outfit using my Voidheart Robe.  <Author Note: Yes, I have the helm, and it is one of the ugliest things I have in my bank (which is why it is not being used in this article).>  I combined it with other purple/gray items such as Laughing Skull Cap of Intellect, three pieces of the Emberfire PVP set, and Greatsword of Horrid Dreams.  I wanted to show that PVP gear can be combined with other pieces for any kind of look.

After looking over these pictures again, I can’t decide which I want to do more- go RP or go do some BGs.