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Blizzard.com has screenshot contests all the time, but your guild can also host one!  Our guild just completed our second week of having a screenshot contest on our facebook group page.  The theme was famous album covers in WOW.  We allowed photoshop, and at least one guild member had to be in the shot.  Here is the winner by Humbert!

Humbert entry

Here is another picture from a contest several years ago that did a similar theme- movie lines in WOW.  This is one I did with my husband that we entered:

Shot from a Princess Bride

The screenshot contest doesn’t even have to have a fancy theme.  You could simply say general screenshots or maybe sunsets in WOW.  Something more common might be better for your guild to get more to enter.  This is another shot made by me of myself and my husband on alts that I have always liked:

Chicks Bad

Many people in WOW have approached me saying they don’t know how to take a screenshot.  You simply hit the Print Screen button.  Then the screenshot is saved to a folder under World of Warcraft called Screenshots.  You can upload it to places like photobucket, upload to facebook, or just send it to your friends.

If you are wanting an even better screenshot, it’s always a good idea to hit Alt-Z to take everything off the screen first except what you are wanting to photo.

For guild screenshot contests, it is a great incentive to get people to enter by giving gold as a prize or maybe that prized companion pet that everyone wants.  My guild is giving 200g as a prize each week to the winner of the contest, which is judged by another guildleader I know.

Now Humbert is riding off into the sunset with that gold falling out of his little gnome pockets!