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Last night was a fun night for a few of us as we sat around the Ft. Livingston campfire in Northern STV.  We had a storytelling night full of making up fantastic ramblings that made each other giggle.

Being on a PVE server, it was extremely difficult to drum up support and attendance for this event, but those that came had a blast.

Roughin It

The first person starts telling a story, then as you go around the circle each person adds to it until you come to a stopping point.  We even started acting out the stories using emotes, dueling, and items such as the romantic picnic basket and the beermaiden trinket.

We did two major stories.  The first involved a mysterious goblin outside Stormwind who fought one guildie and sent  Chatmay a love letter.  The second story involved a petition to the king for an East Kingdom pie-making contest, but there was a shortage of sugar so it ended up being a dueling contest instead.

We gave one prize to best embellishements on storytelling to Looneywolf, who was a very good storyteller and actor.

Looking Tough Outdoors

And just in case you are interested, this is the campfire outfit I wore to the event:

Imperial Red Tunic
Red Mageweave Headband
Breeches of Mended Nightmares
Desert Walker Sandals
Blade of the Burning Sun

Have a Happy Easter weekend!- Chatmay