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You would think all I do is play my priest, Meridia, as many priest transmog articles as I have written!  I just have more outfits!

A lot of you know that my husband and I have three of each class, one each spec.  All of our priests are 85.  So here are the current transmogs for these characters:


Back in Black!

If you have read my previous posts about priests, this outfit kind of combines different pieces from each set I have done in the past.  I am trying to look all baddy here lol.

Satin Hood
Polychromatic Visionwrap
Shoulderpads of Absolution
Netherweave Gloves
Historian’s Sash
Valorous Legs of Sanctification
Bloodcrush Cudgel (mace)
Coldarra Crystal


Virtuous Gentleman

Kester has always been dear to my husband’s heart.  He is an upper-class, elegant, charming kind of priest.  My husband wanted a traditional, religious look for him.  Note: as far as I know the weapon and offhand have not been transmogged yet, but these items kind of go with the white.

Aurora Mantle
Airfield Defender’s Garb
Bloodthirsty Embersilk Belt
Virtuous Gloves
Vicious Embersilk Boots
Maw of the Dragonlord
Ledger of Revolting Rituals
Neophyte’s Shirt


Fear Me or Else

Again, here the weapon and offhand were not transmogged.  This transmog is basically just a chest, shoulders, and helm…which are:

Circle of Flame
Robe of Hateful Echoes
Illidari Shoulderpads

Hope you enjoyed these, and feel free to critique them!

Also, don’t give up hope… I plan to start transmogging my lock again soon and show you some of her goodies.