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So I have been working like crazy to get my nine remaining outfits for the Transmogolympics finished as early as possible.

I have read over the rules and criteria numerous times, but for some reason I didn’t  notice until today that I did the Cycling category wrong.  It was supposed to be a leather or mail biker outfit to match a chopper, and I made mine plate! 😦

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am doing almost all (or all… not sure yet) of my screenshots in-game, so I actually farmed or bought all of this gear for the plate biker set.  Not letting the outfit go to waste, so you – my loyal readers- get to see it anyways! ha ha

Here is Phillippa, my unused ret paladin, hanging out around the Blue Recluse in Stormwind City in her biker duds:

Outside the bar

the back view

Inside getting a drink

The Gear:
Helm- Tempered Titansteel Helm
Shoulder- Redsteel Shoulders
Chest- Boulderfist Armor
Gloves- Vice Grips
Belt- Deathforge Girdle
Pants- Warmaul Legplates
Feet- Warlord’s Sabatons
Weapon- Sul’thraze the Lasher