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As some of you may remember, I entered 10 outfits in the Transmogolympics contest last month.  First post here.

So far I am not doing so well.

The first category judged was cycling, which was creating a biker outfit to match the chopper mount.  This was one of my least favorite outfits I put together because I had to use a dwarf male hunter (and he is ugly), so I did not medal.  This is what I submitted:

Biker Dude

For anyone interested, the mail outfit is: Netherstorm Helm, Marshcreeper Mantle, War Torn Tunic, Grubbis Paws, Nightshock Girdle, Wrathfin Legguards, and Tsunami Boots.

The second category was hammer throw (2h mace shot).  I really thought I would do better in this one, but my paladin only scored a 344 from the judges (I think gold was 386?).  Was pretty disappointed, although I did originally have some concerns about the different shades of blue in the outfit.  Here she is:

In The Name of the Hammer!

Plate outfit is: Symbolic Crown, Pauldrons of Unholy Rituals, Adamantite Breastplate, Truesilver Gauntlets, Belt of the Sanctuary, Talonguard Legplates, Icebane Treads, and Sorrow’s End.

I am hoping as the contest moves along, they will get to my better outfits so I can win a medal and show them off here. 😀