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You mainly see fireworks in WOW for major holidays, but I thought I would write this post while I am thinking about it. (old age and all)

I have some screenshots of different times I have been to fireworks events in WOW that were put on by players.  One time it was a friend who was an engineer, another time we had a guild legendary party, etc.  Instead of trying to show it with a screenshot though, here is a video I found on youtube:

There are lots of fireworks you can gather for an event like this in WOW:

* MADE BY ENGINEERS – some of these are new for Pandaria.  The ones with (*) require a firework launcher, which engineers can make/use OR can be bought during festivals.
1) Red Firework
2) Blue Firework
3) Green Firework
4) Snake Burst Firework
5) Jade Blossom Firework
6) Autumn Flower Firework
7) Celestial Firework
8) Grand Celebration Firework
9) Serpent’s Heart Firework
   10) Large Red Rocket Cluster and Red Rocket Cluster *
11) Large Green Rocket Cluster and Green Rocket Cluster *
12) Large Blue Rocket Cluster and Blue Rocket Cluster *
13) Large Green Rocket and Small Green Rocket *
14) Large Red Rocket and Small Red Rocket *
15) Large Blue Rocket and Small Blue Rocket *
*) Firework Launcher

1) Darkmoon Firework – can only be used during Darkmoon Faire
2) Dalaran Firework – received when hitting 80
3) Sold By Midsummer Fire Festival Vendor (A) – Stormwind City, Ironforge
4) Sold By Midsummer Fire Festival Vendor (H) – Ogrimmar
5) Sold By Midsummer Fire Festival Vendor (N) – STV
6) Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack – from coins of ancestry vendor during festival,
includes some of each type

1) Red Fireworks Rocket
2) Red Streak Firework
3) Yellow Rose Firework
    4) Midsummer Ground Flower – once festival only, now are available now in Jade

1) Perpetual Purple Firework – trading card
2) Pandaren Firework Launcher – drop

After gathering all your fireworks, spread the word about your event in guild chat and/or trade.  You will want everyone to gather in an open area.

Fireworks usually only stack in 5s, which takes up a lot of bag space, plus you will want multiple fireworks going off at one time.  For this reason, you will need volunteers to help you lay down fireworks.  I usually give a few others stacks of fireworks that don’t require launchers.

Fireworks events are always a hit, hope this list helps some of you out.